1. Allow Mouse Selection of "Time" for Time and Date Data Types

  2. add navigate to next/previous records to the update data page


  4. Ability to mark fields required when creating data tables (Same as NULL and NOT NULL at MS SQLServer Level)

  5. allow rollover of unused monthly data transfer allowance  ·  declined

  6. Increase the storage of the free plan data by 250 MB

  7. Unique data table entries, not just unique fields  ·  completed

  8. [SAML] I would like to have the ability to work with groups membership information presented as claim in IdP response

  9. automatic search based on a user's current location should be built in, rather thank clunky JavaScript add on

  10. Avoid submitting the data when using custom buttons in HTML Blocks

  11. Remove the limit of 20 series for a stacked bar or column chart when data source is dynamic series

  12. Fix your data type processing to accept blank as a numeric 0 for numeric fields. Add more excel functions like "isodd"

  13. Allow forms to download either data table fields or the labels you created on the Datapage

  14. Creat an option to print portions of a data submission form. Could be used for reciepts, customer information or hard copy needs.

  15. Allow a horizontal gap between header and first row of data in tables

  16. When exporting data on list page - use the details page field names - not table field names

  17. Enable a hide feature for the columns of data within the datapage selection options so that java script doesn't have to be used for each.

  18. Create a copy paste button next to cells on data pages. Allows inforomation to be copied from Caspio to another system accurately.

  19. A dropdown field where end users can still type values in the data field if they don't appear in the dropdown.

  20. We should be able to develop app with dynamic search bar displayed with results without using another data page

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