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  1. Safari Browsers on macOS or iOS (Not allowing user to Login)

    Hi Support,

    I think Caspio should give a notive on this issue. Safari Browsers on macOS & iOS will not be able to login if there is Caspio's Login script on the html which the user can login easily using Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

    The only fix which is available in macOS & iOS platform is set the Safari's Preferences > Privacy > Disable "Prevent Cross Site Tracking"

    And this is great inconvenience to redirect user to disable this setting in their Safari Browsers. Whats more problematic here is ? Even firefox will disable the site tracking in…

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    Thank you for your feedback. In the upcoming release, you will be able to log in to Caspio applications using browsers with cross-site tracking prevention enabled. This will work for applications deployed with all methods except iFrame deployment. Stay tuned for iFrame solution update in the future releases.

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